Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Storage Solutions Part 2

Storage Problem Number 3: The top of the dresser.  

There's only one closet in the room, the dresser takes up all of one wall (and is full). All the little bits of personal care and other things get dumped on top. Unceremoniously.

Seriously, that's almost embarrassing. There's some nods to a system but not. I hate when I can't see clean surfaces. 

SO if you can't go around, go up.  I took some measurements. I found some leftover wood in the garage. Mark, cut, nail, paint, repeat. When installed, I took the opportunity to clean out a little bit of crap as well. Things have moved around on the shelves slightly since I took the picture but the result is the same.

Much better. When I can see surface, I can breathe.

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