Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Picture the Adornments

Jewelry display was the next item on the list. So I took an idea from Pinterest (or Buzzfeed's roundup of Pinterest or something) and got to work.

At the thrift store I didn't see any empty frames I liked but I did see one of those generic wine related "art" pieces that people use to make kitchens seem worldly.  I hate wine, but it was the right size, The outside had a not horrible pattern (that I didn't get in any of the pictures) and quite frankly it was going to get painted over anyway, so it's a win. 

Two coats of paint, and 1 pack of hooks later, we have this:

It has since been mounted on the wall and for a grand total cost of $4 is fulfilling it's intended function quite nicely.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Storage Solutions Part 2

Storage Problem Number 3: The top of the dresser.  

There's only one closet in the room, the dresser takes up all of one wall (and is full). All the little bits of personal care and other things get dumped on top. Unceremoniously.

Seriously, that's almost embarrassing. There's some nods to a system but not. I hate when I can't see clean surfaces. 

SO if you can't go around, go up.  I took some measurements. I found some leftover wood in the garage. Mark, cut, nail, paint, repeat. When installed, I took the opportunity to clean out a little bit of crap as well. Things have moved around on the shelves slightly since I took the picture but the result is the same.

Much better. When I can see surface, I can breathe.

Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year, New Craft

2014 for me was filled with a lot of change, Relationship and location mainly, and I'll leave that for you to speculate on yourself, because it's not something I'm going to discuss on the open internet.

So in short, I'm living somewhere new.  Crafting has kind of been put to the side in the past few months due to the relocation, but now that I'm settled in, I can get back to some things.  The sewing machine is still in storage, but there are still other things to do.

The new place is - in some realtor's terms - cozy. And with the number of people in the family, that means storage space is at a premium. AND with me not having a job again yet, going to the Bed Bath and Beyond and dropping a bunch of coin on fancy organizational accessories isn't really prudent.

SO in true Crafter spirit - time to make some stuff myself.

Fortunately, roommates with power tools who also like making things means project collaboration.  Helpful in the design phase to get another opinion, and also to make sure that I don't wreak havoc with the table saw.  It's so nice to finally be with people who also like physically making stuff and understand the creative process.

Solutions to storage problems are coming along one solution at a time.  

For instance - problem: shoes on the floor of the closet, disguising cat misbehavior (aka pee). SO now we have a shoe rack. 

Problem number 2: the closet outside the bathroom didn't have any lower shelves for me to put my stuff. So I made one.  I have the primary shelf, and the bottom shelf also is the perfect size for a fabric bin to slide in and hold random oddities.

I'm actually pretty proud of that one - I designed it myself and made it myself. It's solid, sturdy and LEVEL. 

So that's what I've been up to lately - there are a few more things that I'm working on that I'll probably post here soon. No tutorials, because I don't like having to stop what I'm doing to take pictures of everything.

Whether I feel like documenting EVERYTHING I make here again will be something I'll have to think about.  I enjoy sharing what I make with other people, but it seems like the only thing that draws anyone to this blog is free patterns. SO I may end up going back to Craftster on a regular basis, who knows?