Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Zip It and Keep Walking

Okay so the other week I found these things: PocketBands
They're for keeping your key or some money or something in while you exercise. And it's a friggin BRILLIANT idea.  And affordable. I'm on board.

But you know me, I'm gonna try to make one anyway, especially when I'm trying to use stuff up...

I had this "performance fabric" left over from when I ripped the bottom half of the legs off this pair of running tights. I also had a 3 inch zipper and a needle and thread.

Lo and behold, the zipper wristie:

That looks really small, doesn't it? I know. I took about an inch and a half of the circumference of the leg hole. But don't worry, it stretches.

In action, with a poor stunt double for a key.

Actually, I intended for the zipper to be worn on the inside, but you can't really take a picture of the inside of a sleeve. Go figure.  It could really work either way, though. As long as the zipper stays zipped, it should be secure.

There is no tutorial because I did this at night in about a half an hour while watching Whip It (which is STILL an awesome movie BTW). No pics, just improvising. And quite frankly, I like working like that. Documenting things is helpful to others, but it really gets in the way of inspiration sometimes.

I will still end up with one of the original Pocketbands eventually (or more, one for the car, one for going walking, one for going to the bar) (come on there's one with SKULLS) but this will do quite nicely for now.

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