Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Busting Odds and Ends

Did a little stashbusting this weekend. Nothing huge, just stuff to get the little odd bits out of the way.  

Let's see what came out of it:

A boxy pouch. I used the tutorial from Three Bears that I found a link to on Pinterest.  Turned out pretty well. I just think there's got to be some way to get the lining in there the same time while shaping.  This is pretty small, actually, but I still like it.

Next up, I redid the camo pouch to be a side zip model. Tan lining.

Some face cloths with the remnants of the new blanket....

Another Grab It and Go wallet, because they are quite handy.  I reclaimed the mandolin strap. to use for the fabric. 

And finally, one of the ubiquitous jersey headbands from Pinterest, because why not?

I say that most of it came out pretty good, aside from the ring tab on the wallet.  I used the "hair tie on the machine as seam allowance guideline" trick I saw and I won't say it revolutionized my sewing, but it did help A LOT.  That's gonna stay.

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