Sunday, July 27, 2014

Stumbling blocks

This weekend I am doing an inventory of the craft stuff. Partly so I can clean out and sort, partly because I'm not really sure what exists anymore. I know there are a few small projects I'd like to get done that I will need stuff for, but I'm not sure what size zippers I have in the big bag. Stuff like that.

Supplies: I find myself without an iron now. With my wardrobe, it's not a crisis, but it's not easy to flatten bits out with my hair iron. (it will do hems nicely, though). Do I bother getting another big iron (thrifted or not) or do I just spend the money on one of these?

I need to sit back and assess what I really want to keep doing. Do I need 20 sets of needles if I only knit one thing a year?‎ Probably not. Do I want to keep the jewelry supplies? I don't know. 

If I can eliminate prep barriers I will feel like I'm one step closer to starting something.

‎But then once I start, I'm finding that I'm hitting another barrier: things coming out half assed.

And out of those results, only part of those did I put half assed effort into. I fully admit that I didn't put 100% into those quick pillow covers the other week, but they didn't need to be crisp corner perfect.  
What bugs me is when I put full effort into something and it still comes out at 50-60%.

Then there are some things that I think will be throwaway and they come out amazing. (Tablet sleeve for instance). WTF.

You'd think I've been doing this long enough that my skills are competent and fairly consistent. I don't get it.

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