Saturday, February 22, 2014

Weekly Dose of Girly Things

This week:

I learned how to make origami butterflies.

I made a princess crown because I felt like it.  I think I will be taking it to work so that coworker and I can take turns being queen of the room during our mandatory overtime next week.

I used Stitch11's pattern. I guess the pictures gave me the wrong impression because I thought the pattern was for a tiny dress up crown. I made the smallest size (0-12 months), and it still ended up almost too big for my head. I guess it's really meant to be more of a headband? So I frogged it, cut the number of starting chains in half and now I am satisfied with what I've got.  It's a plain white worsted weight from the stash, stranded with a white/silver thread for a little glitter. Because what's a crown without glitter?

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