Sunday, February 16, 2014

Now I Just Need Sun to Catch

 This was inspired by Pinterest, although I can't find the original pin, so maybe I imagined it.

I had these two suncatcher prisms, given to me a long time ago. They've been sitting in a box.
I had this necklace, that I bought, and never wore, because brown and yellow just aren't me. But to be honest, I bought it because some of the beads were cool and I figured that if it didn't work, I could recraft it.

So I made two little loops to attach the prisms, and detached some links from the necklace. A jump ring on the end for hanging and POOF, beaded suncatchers.

The irony of this is that these are currently in the window of the craft room, which gets NO SUN. They will probably be moved to the sunny side of the house soon.

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