Saturday, February 22, 2014

Weekly Dose of Girly Things

This week:

I learned how to make origami butterflies.

I made a princess crown because I felt like it.  I think I will be taking it to work so that coworker and I can take turns being queen of the room during our mandatory overtime next week.

I used Stitch11's pattern. I guess the pictures gave me the wrong impression because I thought the pattern was for a tiny dress up crown. I made the smallest size (0-12 months), and it still ended up almost too big for my head. I guess it's really meant to be more of a headband? So I frogged it, cut the number of starting chains in half and now I am satisfied with what I've got.  It's a plain white worsted weight from the stash, stranded with a white/silver thread for a little glitter. Because what's a crown without glitter?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Now I Just Need Sun to Catch

 This was inspired by Pinterest, although I can't find the original pin, so maybe I imagined it.

I had these two suncatcher prisms, given to me a long time ago. They've been sitting in a box.
I had this necklace, that I bought, and never wore, because brown and yellow just aren't me. But to be honest, I bought it because some of the beads were cool and I figured that if it didn't work, I could recraft it.

So I made two little loops to attach the prisms, and detached some links from the necklace. A jump ring on the end for hanging and POOF, beaded suncatchers.

The irony of this is that these are currently in the window of the craft room, which gets NO SUN. They will probably be moved to the sunny side of the house soon.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Longest Shortest Month

February is cold and wet and I'm quite over it.

There hasn't been a lot of crafting going on. I've started the hairpin strips for the real Lotus top, but that's about it. The craft room is chilly and it's a mess. I've ‎started cleaning things up, but quite frankly, I'm disgruntled. I am frustrated with my craft supplies, first and foremost.‎ 

It's not like my stash is large or horribly organized. It's just full of things I'm not particularly enthused about. ‎It's kind of...stagnant. Quite frankly I feel like taking all of the fabric and anything that's not designated for a project that's on the list and getting rid of it.

The problem with this urge is that I also like to have a small base of supplies so that in the (now rare) instance that inspiration hits, I don't have to go shop for supplies. Of course if it's a super specific idea, I'll probably have to shop anyway, but if it's a "Hey I wonder if that technique would work with cotton..." I'm usually ok. 

But what I have in the stash is pretty random. I have some leftovers from past projects, and some cool things from the remnant pile,and some stuff that caught my eye but never found a purpose. And not all of them are large pieces, which would scream "quilt," to some but‎ they don't really go together (and I am not a quilter).

I've already gone through and tossed the really small pieces I can't do anything with. I stash busted some stuff and ended up with things that are...just ok. 

I think the clean out is coming. I kind of wanted to do it this weekend, but we got into other things‎, like putting together a treadmill. I did manage to find the top of the craft table, after it had become a dumping ground the past few weeks. I am also disenfranchised with my craft space, but that's a work in progress. 

So...still cranky, still depressed. Winter sucks and I'll be glad when it's over.