Monday, January 20, 2014

White Hat Redux

So you know like two years ago I made that fluffy white hat with the Bernat Colorama and wasn't satisfied with it from the start? And how I always meant to frog it and remake it via knit with cables? And how I never got around to it?

I got around to it.

I frogged it. And then I realized that DPNs are damn expensive (for something I'm probably going to use ONCE). Fortunately, I had grabbed these 5/16" hardwood dowels for some other purpose at the Joann.  What do you know, 8mm needles, just without the pointy ends (and that only proved to be a problem at the end with the decreases).  

I used Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee's Unoriginal Hat pattern (I'm not being mean, that's what she named it).  And here we have the end result:

I'm not entirely PLEASED with it, but I'm finally satisfied and it won't bug me every time I put it on. Well, probably it will because it's longer than hats I normally wear, but not because of the way it looks. 

No project is ever permanent.

Bulky yarn is a hand and forearm workout.

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