Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tying Mid January Loose Ends

It was again gross and disgusting outside yesterday, so I decided to tackle the loose ends that were sitting around on the craft table that got shoved aside due to the holidays. I put away the decorations last week (and also weeded out old stuff that can go away, so yay productivity).

I (mostly) finished off a little camo pouch. It still needs a closure, but I don't like the snaps I have and the only velcro I have is white, so when I finally get to the store, I will buy black velcro for it.

Also pictured is a keyfob, which became quite a pain in the butt when I tried to put it all together. I think I needed bigger twill tape. But it's done and functional. And I believe that is the absolute last of that peacock fabric.

I lined the Lotus Prototype, using an old shirt that was destined for the goodwill pile otherwise.  And look, I even "styled" it.  Not quite so eye popping now, eh?

And while I was "styling" I realized that keeping that cotton skin on the dressform full time might not be a bad idea. The fuzzy red stuff that is on the form is tricky to slide things over, and OMG RED. Which can be a pain in the eye/clashing with what you're making.  So I redressed her top, and will probably finish that once I get some more plain cotton. (come on, remnant bin of fortune spin! big money fabric big money fabric!)

I also discovered that finishing off crap goes much more smoothly when there is music.  Especially my Reverend Horton Heat/Gothabilly channel on Pandora. I have my old computer speakers in the craft room, but it's a pain to plug them in when I want to use them. I've been looking at cute little bluetooth speakers as a treat to myself, but we'll see.

I also learned how to make origami stars. Needless to say, I raided all our wrapping paper to get sparkly stuff for the endeavor. Eventually I may string them all together into something.

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