Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 begins

If you follow me on twitter, you probably saw where I said I gave 0 craps about celebrating new years's eve. And I don't. I don't really even give a crap about the new year, period. Call me negative, but it's just the same crap, different year. I don't do resolutions anyway.

I didn't do a lot of crafting over the holidays. I made an ornament for the tree. I 
Made a small rice bag hand warmer.  That's pretty much it. Just too cold and  swamped with work and depression to focus on making anything.

I did come out ahead with the crafty gifts. Mom got me yarn, and the husband pretty much bought out my Amazon wish list which included a Doris Chan crochet book, Gertie's sewing book, and a box of special feet for my sewing machine.

So I guess if I'm determined to do anything this year it's to learn what all the feet do and out them to use. And the craft to do list is 22 items long as of right now, probably will get longer after I review my latest pins this weekend. 

So. New Year. Yeah, ok.

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