Thursday, September 4, 2014

Stars on My Head

Barrette blank + black ribbon + star slider beads + Hot Glue = hair accessory.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Zip It and Keep Walking

Okay so the other week I found these things: PocketBands
They're for keeping your key or some money or something in while you exercise. And it's a friggin BRILLIANT idea.  And affordable. I'm on board.

But you know me, I'm gonna try to make one anyway, especially when I'm trying to use stuff up...

I had this "performance fabric" left over from when I ripped the bottom half of the legs off this pair of running tights. I also had a 3 inch zipper and a needle and thread.

Lo and behold, the zipper wristie:

That looks really small, doesn't it? I know. I took about an inch and a half of the circumference of the leg hole. But don't worry, it stretches.

In action, with a poor stunt double for a key.

Actually, I intended for the zipper to be worn on the inside, but you can't really take a picture of the inside of a sleeve. Go figure.  It could really work either way, though. As long as the zipper stays zipped, it should be secure.

There is no tutorial because I did this at night in about a half an hour while watching Whip It (which is STILL an awesome movie BTW). No pics, just improvising. And quite frankly, I like working like that. Documenting things is helpful to others, but it really gets in the way of inspiration sometimes.

I will still end up with one of the original Pocketbands eventually (or more, one for the car, one for going walking, one for going to the bar) (come on there's one with SKULLS) but this will do quite nicely for now.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Busting Odds and Ends

Did a little stashbusting this weekend. Nothing huge, just stuff to get the little odd bits out of the way.  

Let's see what came out of it:

A boxy pouch. I used the tutorial from Three Bears that I found a link to on Pinterest.  Turned out pretty well. I just think there's got to be some way to get the lining in there the same time while shaping.  This is pretty small, actually, but I still like it.

Next up, I redid the camo pouch to be a side zip model. Tan lining.

Some face cloths with the remnants of the new blanket....

Another Grab It and Go wallet, because they are quite handy.  I reclaimed the mandolin strap. to use for the fabric. 

And finally, one of the ubiquitous jersey headbands from Pinterest, because why not?

I say that most of it came out pretty good, aside from the ring tab on the wallet.  I used the "hair tie on the machine as seam allowance guideline" trick I saw and I won't say it revolutionized my sewing, but it did help A LOT.  That's gonna stay.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Stumbling blocks

This weekend I am doing an inventory of the craft stuff. Partly so I can clean out and sort, partly because I'm not really sure what exists anymore. I know there are a few small projects I'd like to get done that I will need stuff for, but I'm not sure what size zippers I have in the big bag. Stuff like that.

Supplies: I find myself without an iron now. With my wardrobe, it's not a crisis, but it's not easy to flatten bits out with my hair iron. (it will do hems nicely, though). Do I bother getting another big iron (thrifted or not) or do I just spend the money on one of these?

I need to sit back and assess what I really want to keep doing. Do I need 20 sets of needles if I only knit one thing a year?‎ Probably not. Do I want to keep the jewelry supplies? I don't know. 

If I can eliminate prep barriers I will feel like I'm one step closer to starting something.

‎But then once I start, I'm finding that I'm hitting another barrier: things coming out half assed.

And out of those results, only part of those did I put half assed effort into. I fully admit that I didn't put 100% into those quick pillow covers the other week, but they didn't need to be crisp corner perfect.  
What bugs me is when I put full effort into something and it still comes out at 50-60%.

Then there are some things that I think will be throwaway and they come out amazing. (Tablet sleeve for instance). WTF.

You'd think I've been doing this long enough that my skills are competent and fairly consistent. I don't get it.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Weekend Roundup

So here's a bunch of stuff I finished this week. 

I tried these paw print ornaments I found on Pinterest. They came out OK. The furballs did not really want to cooperate.  I may give this another try closer to Christmas.

Another T-shirt to tank top modification. This one came out much nicer than any of the others so far.

I had two pillows that needed recovering. I had some eggplant colored cotton in the stash, and finally sat down and got those done.

Last week I went to the fabric store, and came home with a long coveted camo skull ultra cuddle to make a blanket for when fall comes.  It's long enough to tuck under my feet and still cover my head, so aside from being irritated at the binding not being straight (ultra cuddle MOVES when you stitch it), I'm happy.  The colors are more saturated in real life, I just didn't feel like messing with Photoshop to make it look right.

Saturday, July 5, 2014


So I was all set to say "hey remember that purple tank I made that never really worked?" but then I went back through my entries to find the original to link to and realized that I never wrote it up. Not surprising, really.

SO, here's a purple tank! It was different before, but didn't sit right, so the other night I cut and hacked and turned it into a cute crossback.  

I've worn it out and about and it's actually quite comfy.  This rework was the last thing on my mending pile, but now the mending pile has populated itself again with a pair of pants and a few other items. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Faint pulse

Without going into details that are no one's business, there has been some upheaval in my life lately.  I'm just now getting to the point where crafting is starting to happen again. 

But in all honesty, most of that is just tying up loose ends and tackling a mending pile the size of Texas.  There's also some sorting and culling to be done.

Fun projects will come back at some point. Probably.

Monday, March 17, 2014

You Can't See This Bag

I don't know if I've mentioned it here before, but I really hate Sunday afternoons. Really. So that plus not feeling well translated into "keep myself busy in the craft room." Which you would think would be a recipe for disaster, but yet turned out pretty decent.

Presenting the camo crossbody bag:  

Long strap, outer pocket...

Top view, plus Fur-tastic photobomb:


I want to say this is ripstop nylon stuff, but I'm not entirely sure. It was a remnant, and I've long since trashed the detail label. Interior is cotton. Strap is cotton webbing. Large exterior pocket, smaller interior pocket, zipper closure.

I used a few of my new sewing machine feet for this so +1 XP for the crafting skills.

I won't say that it looks exactly how I expected, but I'm still satisfied with how it turned out.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Thrift Score

One of those "dream crafts" that always floating in the back of my head is a seatbelt bag. It's one of those larger undertakings I'm just not up to at the moment, but it's a "one of these days, I'll get the chance to find all the stuff..."  

However, I may not need too, because while I was out at the consignment store yesterday after work, I found one!

I think this may be one of my favorite thrift finds so far.  And yes, I do consider consignment shops to be thrifting. I know some people don't, because the prices are higher (which really depends on the shop, frankly), but I count it.

Monday, March 3, 2014


It's snowing again.

Did I mention I'm so ready for winter to be over?

So since the roads were disgusting this morning, I didn't go to work. Instead I've spent my morning of PTO watching tv, shoveling, and working on random bits and pieces.  

Yesterday I drafted a t-shirt pattern from an old shirt. I think this one will work much better than the previous ones, but now I have to get some hands on some jersey. I did not see any I liked at the Joann the other day. However, if you like stripes, they have more than enough for you. 

I also drew out a pattern and schematic for a bag.  I have the pieces cut out, but now I need some strap webbing before I can actually start stitching.

But for actual finished projects today, I've made a beaded barrette. I wanted it random, but I may go back later and make another one with an actual pattern to it, since I still have one more barrette blank left.

And I managed to score a tooled (looking) belt at the goodwill the other day, so I finally got to make the cuff that I've been wanting to try.

I'm not sure the "leather" will last that long, but for $1, it will do.  And if I ever do find a real full leather tooled belt, I'm sure I'll end up wearing it as a belt instead of cutting it up. *fingers crossed for thrift mojo*

So now I'm going to go watch more Phineas and Ferb, and maybe make the other two strips for the final Lotus cami. And probably shovel again, because the snow has decided to KEEP COMING instead of staying quiet.

I'm tired of using PTO and I'm running out of snacks. SEND BACKUP AND SUPPLIES.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Weekly Dose of Girly Things

This week:

I learned how to make origami butterflies.

I made a princess crown because I felt like it.  I think I will be taking it to work so that coworker and I can take turns being queen of the room during our mandatory overtime next week.

I used Stitch11's pattern. I guess the pictures gave me the wrong impression because I thought the pattern was for a tiny dress up crown. I made the smallest size (0-12 months), and it still ended up almost too big for my head. I guess it's really meant to be more of a headband? So I frogged it, cut the number of starting chains in half and now I am satisfied with what I've got.  It's a plain white worsted weight from the stash, stranded with a white/silver thread for a little glitter. Because what's a crown without glitter?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Now I Just Need Sun to Catch

 This was inspired by Pinterest, although I can't find the original pin, so maybe I imagined it.

I had these two suncatcher prisms, given to me a long time ago. They've been sitting in a box.
I had this necklace, that I bought, and never wore, because brown and yellow just aren't me. But to be honest, I bought it because some of the beads were cool and I figured that if it didn't work, I could recraft it.

So I made two little loops to attach the prisms, and detached some links from the necklace. A jump ring on the end for hanging and POOF, beaded suncatchers.

The irony of this is that these are currently in the window of the craft room, which gets NO SUN. They will probably be moved to the sunny side of the house soon.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Longest Shortest Month

February is cold and wet and I'm quite over it.

There hasn't been a lot of crafting going on. I've started the hairpin strips for the real Lotus top, but that's about it. The craft room is chilly and it's a mess. I've ‎started cleaning things up, but quite frankly, I'm disgruntled. I am frustrated with my craft supplies, first and foremost.‎ 

It's not like my stash is large or horribly organized. It's just full of things I'm not particularly enthused about. ‎It's kind of...stagnant. Quite frankly I feel like taking all of the fabric and anything that's not designated for a project that's on the list and getting rid of it.

The problem with this urge is that I also like to have a small base of supplies so that in the (now rare) instance that inspiration hits, I don't have to go shop for supplies. Of course if it's a super specific idea, I'll probably have to shop anyway, but if it's a "Hey I wonder if that technique would work with cotton..." I'm usually ok. 

But what I have in the stash is pretty random. I have some leftovers from past projects, and some cool things from the remnant pile,and some stuff that caught my eye but never found a purpose. And not all of them are large pieces, which would scream "quilt," to some but‎ they don't really go together (and I am not a quilter).

I've already gone through and tossed the really small pieces I can't do anything with. I stash busted some stuff and ended up with things that are...just ok. 

I think the clean out is coming. I kind of wanted to do it this weekend, but we got into other things‎, like putting together a treadmill. I did manage to find the top of the craft table, after it had become a dumping ground the past few weeks. I am also disenfranchised with my craft space, but that's a work in progress. 

So...still cranky, still depressed. Winter sucks and I'll be glad when it's over.

Monday, January 20, 2014

White Hat Redux

So you know like two years ago I made that fluffy white hat with the Bernat Colorama and wasn't satisfied with it from the start? And how I always meant to frog it and remake it via knit with cables? And how I never got around to it?

I got around to it.

I frogged it. And then I realized that DPNs are damn expensive (for something I'm probably going to use ONCE). Fortunately, I had grabbed these 5/16" hardwood dowels for some other purpose at the Joann.  What do you know, 8mm needles, just without the pointy ends (and that only proved to be a problem at the end with the decreases).  

I used Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee's Unoriginal Hat pattern (I'm not being mean, that's what she named it).  And here we have the end result:

I'm not entirely PLEASED with it, but I'm finally satisfied and it won't bug me every time I put it on. Well, probably it will because it's longer than hats I normally wear, but not because of the way it looks. 

No project is ever permanent.

Bulky yarn is a hand and forearm workout.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tying Mid January Loose Ends

It was again gross and disgusting outside yesterday, so I decided to tackle the loose ends that were sitting around on the craft table that got shoved aside due to the holidays. I put away the decorations last week (and also weeded out old stuff that can go away, so yay productivity).

I (mostly) finished off a little camo pouch. It still needs a closure, but I don't like the snaps I have and the only velcro I have is white, so when I finally get to the store, I will buy black velcro for it.

Also pictured is a keyfob, which became quite a pain in the butt when I tried to put it all together. I think I needed bigger twill tape. But it's done and functional. And I believe that is the absolute last of that peacock fabric.

I lined the Lotus Prototype, using an old shirt that was destined for the goodwill pile otherwise.  And look, I even "styled" it.  Not quite so eye popping now, eh?

And while I was "styling" I realized that keeping that cotton skin on the dressform full time might not be a bad idea. The fuzzy red stuff that is on the form is tricky to slide things over, and OMG RED. Which can be a pain in the eye/clashing with what you're making.  So I redressed her top, and will probably finish that once I get some more plain cotton. (come on, remnant bin of fortune spin! big money fabric big money fabric!)

I also discovered that finishing off crap goes much more smoothly when there is music.  Especially my Reverend Horton Heat/Gothabilly channel on Pandora. I have my old computer speakers in the craft room, but it's a pain to plug them in when I want to use them. I've been looking at cute little bluetooth speakers as a treat to myself, but we'll see.

I also learned how to make origami stars. Needless to say, I raided all our wrapping paper to get sparkly stuff for the endeavor. Eventually I may string them all together into something.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 begins

If you follow me on twitter, you probably saw where I said I gave 0 craps about celebrating new years's eve. And I don't. I don't really even give a crap about the new year, period. Call me negative, but it's just the same crap, different year. I don't do resolutions anyway.

I didn't do a lot of crafting over the holidays. I made an ornament for the tree. I 
Made a small rice bag hand warmer.  That's pretty much it. Just too cold and  swamped with work and depression to focus on making anything.

I did come out ahead with the crafty gifts. Mom got me yarn, and the husband pretty much bought out my Amazon wish list which included a Doris Chan crochet book, Gertie's sewing book, and a box of special feet for my sewing machine.

So I guess if I'm determined to do anything this year it's to learn what all the feet do and out them to use. And the craft to do list is 22 items long as of right now, probably will get longer after I review my latest pins this weekend. 

So. New Year. Yeah, ok.