Monday, November 4, 2013

Doling out Dolmans

There is a tutorial making the rounds on Pinterest for Dolman sleeve tops. I dig those, mostly because Dolman sleeves means there's adequate room for my weird arms and shoulders with no She Hulk action.

Loosely following the tutorial, I laid out my material and traced an existing top of mine.

And true to form, it didn't work perfectly. It would have if I had been using jersey that stretches like everyone else, but I'm doing some stash busting. I'm not sure what this stuff is, really. It's left over from a black dress I made WAY back in the day and has been traveling along unused ever since. It has some give to it, but not as much as a t-shirt, and when I tried it on, it was too tight at the bottom. So triangle insert panels to the rescue and now it's perfectly wearable.

I would like more of these at some point, but I'm kind of over working with Jersey for a while. Maybe later. 

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