Friday, October 18, 2013

Finally, socks.

Finally, the gray socks are finished.  It took almost a year, according to my project page on Ravelry. At least they're done before cold weather.

I can say with a decent amount of certainty that I will probably not knit another pair of socks.  I am a painfully slow knitter and I don't have the attention span.  I've now done top down and toe up and learned about short rows and failed Kitchener stitching, and you know what, that's enough. 

Also, I frogged the Luna sweater. Since my post it fell off my pattern page, I had no clue where I left off, and I just wasn't feeling it anymore. So now I have 6 skeins of the same yarn for something else. Not sure what yet. I still like the pattern and will most likely try it again at some point with some other color.

Kind of feeling very uninspired at the moment. Floundering, really.

(eta: apparently this is also post 300 for the Craftykix blog. So go have Halloween candy to celebrate)

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