Monday, August 26, 2013

One Step at a Time

One of the things about buying a foreclosure is that there's usually so much to be done that you can't renovate everything at once. Even with a cheap house price (ha!), it's just not financially feasible.  So while our dining room and downstairs hall floors sucked, they were functional. Besides, we spent enough money the first year fixing up other things.

Earlier in the year I decided that I had enough of the scratched and curling vinyl in the downstairs hallway. It looks gross and dirty even when you've cleaned it.  So we went looking and found something else we liked, and then (there's always an "and then) it turned into doing both the hall and the dining room in Linkwerks Vinyl Plank Flooring. They put it in some of the newly remodeled dorms of the university here in town, and it's supposed to be super durable. It looks like wood, has a grain to it, but care like vinyl.  Ok, that works for me. Aside from the color, I'm really not that picky about it.

So here is the dining room before:

What you can't see is the large reddish stain by the door that I still haven't figured out what is...
Blood? Rust? Cranberry juice stain?The mark of the beast? 

And here's the After (post installation, pre-cleaning):

The downstairs hall before:

(Yeah, you try and get a picture of a whole hallway floor...)

And after:

It matches the stairs so well, I'm very pleased. Here, I took a REAL picture, too...

Are we done with changes? NO.
The kitchen floor (ceramic tile) has decided that whatever material is underneath is not good enough and has started to crack and shift, including one mouse sized chunk by one door that just floats because it's trapped under the threshold.

The roof and HVAC still need to be rehabbed/replaced.  We've repaired the roof already, but it will need to be replaced in the next year or so.  And this is the first thing downstairs other than the laundry room that has been touched.  We don't really have a plan for those rooms, they're mostly acting as storage now.

One step at a time...

Friday, August 23, 2013

Add More Bracing

This time in pink tones:

Easy project for a rainy afternoon while waiting on flooring installation (more on that Monday).

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Stick It Already

Hey whats that cute little thing?

Needle book! Wallet. Whatever. It holds needles.

Made from part of a fat quarter I've had in the stash for a while, and some felt. I didn't use a pattern, so the corners are a little hinky. If I were to make these for other people's use, I would definitely go back and work on that, but my sewing pouch doesn't care.  It was a nice little improvisational diversion because I wasn't ready to put away the sewing machine yet.

The loop is a crocheted chain of some sort of thread I harvested from something thrifted a long time ago. Button from the magic button box of "ok, what did this come off of?"

I'm finding I like the look of top stitching more and more lately, not sure why.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

State Spirit

I haven't been so crafty as of late. We've had a lot of family time recently, and while it's nice, it doesn't really make for productivity.

I modified one of DH's old shirts into a tank for me:

Pretty sure it's required for all Central VA residents to own a UVA shirt, even if you didn't study there.

And on the trip up north my TV yarning was a swiffer cover using Stitch11's Pattern using Sugar & Cream cotton. I'm so not going to take a picture of my floor mop, so....imagine. It's blue.

So I started with a Virginia project, and I'm ending with a Virginia beginning.

My grandma's land has a bunch of quartz, and when I was a youngster (I know, demerit point for using "youngster") I would go out and gather the crystals. I hoarded them for a while, but let some of them return to their habitat and only kept what I was going to use. One that has traveled with me from house to house since then is this one, and I think you'll see why:

The irony is that I found it in WEST Virginia. DOH!

So since I've been on a state shaped jewelry pin fest lately, I think I'm going to make this into a necklace. I'm just not entirely sure how to wrap it yet, because I don't want the Southwest corner to break off while I'm wearing it. I will figure it out eventually.