Monday, July 8, 2013

Pattern Rookie

So one of the whole downsides of the "long torso" thing is that shirts are never right. Long sleeves are never long enough. Short sleeves aren't even long enough (CAP SLEEVES ARE THE DEVIL). And the whole shirt isn't long enough, because mama don't show midriff.  Even the shoulders are wrong, but in the opposite way. They're not wide enough in the back (SHE HULK MAD), but everything is cut too low in the front. WTF.

Anyway. So one of the whole reasons for buying the dress form was so I could start making my own shirts instead of modifying everything. Not that modifying isn't fun, but still.

So I decided that I would start out by making a tank, using a tank that I like as a pattern.  Sounds simple enough, right?

Insert snort of derision here.

So when I was tracing, I discovered that the front half of the tank I was using is bigger than the back. No big deal, I can see that's where it gets some shaping. I learn things when I look at stuff.

But apparently when I traced the back, I traced a little skinny, because once I had everything pinned together, it wouldn't even fit over the dress form's (and therefore my own) boobs.  Awkward.
And the fabric that I'm using is not as stretchy as the original tank.

Side panels to the rescue. Sort of. It was still really awkward after I got those sewn in.

So....back panel! Yep, I sewed a strip right up the middle of the back. It's not an obvious pattern, so it matches.

And now when you lay it flat, the back panel is the same size as the front panel.

It fits. But I'm still not happy with it.

So...I guess I'll just use the front piece of the pattern twice if I intend to make another. Which right now I'm not that keen on. I won't say it was a waste of time. But I'll sure think it.

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