Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Brace Yourself

I got on a bracelet kick.

Made from waxed linen cord, "E" beads. I saw this on Pinterest, which led to this listing (which is no longer in stock, as with most of the stuff I like on Etsy). This one doesn't have a clasp, as it's easy enough to roll over my hand. I actually started it a while back, but got stuck on how I wanted to tie the beads, and sat and reworked it while we rewatched Red the other night.

Another Pinterest idea find. I really like how this looks. Leather cord & tube beads, 5 total.

This one was pure imagination. I bought the hammered rings for a different idea, but realized when I got them that I actually needed bigger ones for that (Always double check how big 16 millimeters is before you add to cart). So I had some wire and some beads and well, one thing leads to another...

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Chrys81 said...

I love the bracelet on the bottom with the hammered metal rings. I wish I were crafty.