Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Vision Brought to Life

A while back I stumbled on this *thing* at the Goodwill. Kind of looked like a tube, but wide. Really pretty fabric reminiscent of a peacock feather print, but only about a half yard's worth. 50 cents, so I bought it.  Turns out once I got it home and washed it and looked at all the tags, it was a baby sling. Well, there's no need for THAT here, so the original plan of using it for fabric stood.  I just didn't know for what.

So I started sketching this bag, see.  I kind of wanted a crossbody bag, not too big. I like my pretty purses, but they all slide down my shoulder at the store.  Hey, what about that fabric? Sure.

I wanted a zipper pocket in the front. I wanted it in a specific place - a specific way. I drew it out. I plotted. I engineered this bag.

I ended up putting a pocket inside. Everything is lined.
I used my new reinforcing skills to add my new favorite closure, the magnet.
Last minute game time decision for interfacing.  The only thing I had to actually buy specifically was the webbing for the strap. And even that I'm still not entirely decided on - that might be modified later.

I spent time to finish this bag right, even knotting and clipping threads, which I DESPISE.

I'm also a little irritated because I oiled the Singer a week or two ago, and it decided to drip the excess onto the white lining when I switched directions, even though I cleaned it off like 27 times with degreaser. UGH.

Doesn't matter. This is my new favorite project.

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