Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Starry Days and Pendants

I'm a sucker for anything with stars.

So when I found out there were star shaped Swarovski crystals, into the shopping cart they went.  I ended up with a 28mm clear crystal and a 20mm blue crystal. Now that I have them both home and wire wrapped, I like the smaller version better. So I've already ordered a 20 mm clear crystal and will find something to do with this one. Won't be hard, because like I said, I do <3 p="" some="" stars.="">

The blue one is currently residing on a 20" chain.

I also had this faceted citrine. It was gifted to me long ago in a bunch of beading stuff. I had bought a ring setting for it, and that was fine, but I don't really wear rings so much anymore, and it didn't quite fit right. So I  bought a Bezelite setting and made it into a pendant.

Except...the setting is the tiniest bit too big. It's a (slightly smaller by less than half a mm) 9x7 mm stone, and the only options they had were 10x8mm and 8x6. So I went with the bigger, and it's just a bit TOO loose for my taste. So I've ordered the smaller one. I think there'll be enough play I can make that one work better. And then I also ordered a pink cubic zirconia to put in this setting because SHINY THINGS.

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