Monday, May 27, 2013

Result of the Weekend

This weekend's project was a new bag. No particular reason, just had the stuff.  

We got new curtains for the bedroom because while the ones I made looked nice, they didn't block any light, and when you want to sleep in they don't work so well.  Due to some availability issues at the store, I had to buy longer ones and hem them, so I had a bit left over of the thermal backed fabric. What's cool about thermal backed fabric is that it's already interfaced and you don't have to add it.

The interior is a yarn ball print that my mom gave me for Christmas one year.

I used this Warehouse Fabrics pattern and tutorial. I didn't add the pockets. First time using magnetic clasps. I made sure to like quadruple reinforce them.

I'm finding a lot of sewing patterns on Pinterest that I want to try. The only thing is that I really just want the fabric. I haven't seen any of those cool ones at the joann, and I wonder where they're coming from.

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