Saturday, April 6, 2013

Stocking Up

When I was digging through my fabric stash the other day to find the cotton for my phone rest, I realized that there is no fabric in there that EXCITES me. It's not surprising, really. I did a lot of cleaning out before the move last year and in the fall, and I haven't done a lot of crafting since. There's no fabric in there screaming "ME ME ME USE ME."  Just some servicable cottons and basics for quick projects.  It all fits in a 17 X 20 plastic container. It's kind of sad.

So I had the opportunity to go to the fabric store yesterday and I dug through the remnants and found THIS:

Pink Buffalo(?) plaid.

This is only significant and exciting because I've been looking for a flannel shirt made with this exact plaid for AGES. There's not enough here to make a shirt, but it still makes me happy and I will find something to make with it.

I also stopped by the Goodwill, and found myself some projects.

The blue sweater is going to be deconstructed to use the yarn (lovely variegated worsted weight). The red sweater is going to be a pillow (hopefully two, it's a long sweater). I have had this idea for a while and just finally found the perfect sweater for it. The black and white shirt is going to be cut down to fit me. Also pictured is the hairpin lace loom that I picked up at Joann, because I want to make this cami top.

So the clothing is all in the wash right now, and I'm itching to get started.

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