Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Always the Wrong Season

Because it's probably impossible for me to make something seasonally appropriate, I made slippers when it's starting to be warm enough to not need slippers around the house.  Of course! But my mukluk ones are dying and I couldn't find them in the fall. BOO.

Remember that bluish purple sweater from the thrift run the other week? The body is now four balls of reclaimed yarn. And the sleeves?

Ready for action. Those are Boye Starting Points Slipper Soles on the right. Suede outside, fleecy inside.  And thankfully have holes prepunched, because I don't have the tooling for that.

How to? Sew them together, that's how.  That's it.  I also made some darts along the top of the foot so they'd lay right, but it's less than a three hour project if you don't count unraveling a sweater. 

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