Monday, April 29, 2013

All that work for a cat bed

So you remember this thrift haul, right?

Well, that sweater was purchased for a very specific project. I have been looking for a big red cabled sweater to make into a pillow for quite a while. And my patience was rewarded, for I finally found one.

We had some older couch pillows that were horrible, so I washed them and set to work making them better.

First the stuffing and "measuring" and then cutting.

I ran over the top edges of the cuts with the serger just so they wouldn't unravel. then the top seam got sewed together. Then the pillows went in and I crocheted the ribbed part together in a matching yarn.

And of course, it's already been adopted. They don't use the bed I made for them, but they'll use this.


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