Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Kitchen, Part Deux

~*~*~These home renovation posts were originally published on my non-craft blog, which is going away. I don't want to lose this content, so it's coming to live here on the craft blog, because renovations are crafty.~*~*~

We've already seen the cabinet refinishing, so let's see the rest!!
Before: walls of peachy beige, cabinets of Fug.

The horrible ivy adhesive border got ripped down and the whole room was painted a nice sand color, which plays nicely with the cabinets, counter, and the tile backsplash (It also is the top half of the dining room).

We swapped out the standard buzzy rectangle overhead florescent with a round florescent from Home Depot that looks like a UFO. It also puts out a lot more light.

The blinds were in good shape and match what we put in the rest of the house, so those were cleaned and kept.

We took a big hit on storage space in this move, so we purchased a big stainless table to put in the window corner to house the breadmaker and other appliances.  It's still not ideal, but it works.

Originally published May 29, 2012

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