Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Room for Living

~*~*~These home renovation posts were originally published on my non-craft blog, which is going away. I don't want to lose this content, so it's coming to live here on the craft blog, because renovations are crafty.~*~*~

I like our living room. it was one of the main things we liked about this house.  Where other places barely had room to fit the Giant Comfy Sectional, this one has plenty, plus a fireplace and hardwood floors.

The track lighting is kind of weird, but it will make a nice piece of artwork look cool. Not a lot needed to be done in here, just painting and the fan needed some cleaning and modifications. Eventually we will have to get some gas logs for the fireplace, but apparently that is some sort of seasonal merchandise and trying to find it in the Spring is like looking for the Holy Grail (choose wisely).

It wasn't until I began painting that I realized that the peak of the half moon window is NOT directly under the apex of the ceiling. You can't really see it from this angle, but it's there. As a slightly obsessive symmetry freak, this bugs me. A lot. But ripping down a wall just to move a window a foot to the left? Not in the cards. I'll just have to not look up, I guess.

The results?

The peachy beige got covered up by a nice neutral named Flax. I was not a real fan of this color during selection, but I guess it's starting to grow on me a little.  New 2" plantation blinds will guard our privacy and hopefully be cat resistant.  Notice what else we did there? Look at the fan. Since we weren't going to be using the overhead lighting, we pulled those little ornate suckers off and cleaned up just fine.

In use:

Originally published May 22, 2012

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