Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Place to Pee, Not to Peek

~*~*~These home renovation posts were originally published on my non-craft blog, which is going away. I don't want to lose this content, so it's coming to live here on the craft blog, because renovations are crafty.~*~*~

Let me tell you the story of a bathroom.

Once upon a time there was a guest bathroom.

It was perfectly fine bathroom, it just needed a paint job in pretty gray.

Then someone decided that they would rather have a different vanity, and ripped out the old one, busting it into many little pieces.

Sadly, whoever laid the floor in this bathroom long ago did not lay the linoleum over the entire space. The new vanity was smaller than the old one, and wouldn't cover the bare spot. So new vinyl had to be picked out and installed.

Then the bathroom was put back together again with happy new flooring, a new sink, mirror and faucet and a tasteful shower curtain found on clearance at Target (that conveniently matched all the colors).

And there was no medicine cabinet for people to snoop in when they came over.

The end.

Originally published May 31, 2012

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