Saturday, September 22, 2012

Frogs and Pajamas

So I've made the hard decision to frog a couple of projects.

First, the Unseamly Sweater. It just doesn't fit, and although it took me forever and was my first sweater, I'd rather have something I can use. So once I pull the sweater bag out of storage, it will be unraveled and wound into balls and made into something else.

Same for the white hat I made last year. Yes, I like it, yes, it works, but it always felt to me that it wanted to be knitted instead of crocheted. Something with cables. So that will be redone as well.

What am I up to this weekend? I bought jersey knit fabric yesterday with my 50% off coupon and I'm going to make pajama pants. I also bought lining fabric so I can fix the inside of my peacoat. I probably also ought to clean that, too, eh?

If I get really ambitious, there's a button down shirt that needs to be cut down to fit me, but we'll see how the first two projects go!

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