Saturday, September 22, 2012

Frogs and Pajamas

So I've made the hard decision to frog a couple of projects.

First, the Unseamly Sweater. It just doesn't fit, and although it took me forever and was my first sweater, I'd rather have something I can use. So once I pull the sweater bag out of storage, it will be unraveled and wound into balls and made into something else.

Same for the white hat I made last year. Yes, I like it, yes, it works, but it always felt to me that it wanted to be knitted instead of crocheted. Something with cables. So that will be redone as well.

What am I up to this weekend? I bought jersey knit fabric yesterday with my 50% off coupon and I'm going to make pajama pants. I also bought lining fabric so I can fix the inside of my peacoat. I probably also ought to clean that, too, eh?

If I get really ambitious, there's a button down shirt that needs to be cut down to fit me, but we'll see how the first two projects go!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tutorial Goodness

So I've been going through my digital storage closet here lately, cleaning out stuff and checking up on what's happened to all the crap that I bookmarked long ago. Because if you don't check up on these things, you find that maybe one of those groups you liked let their URL go and now it's pr0n. Awkward.

Anyway, while going through my bookmarks, I found these that I'd like to share because they're awesome.

Invisible zippers are a pain in the butt.  There, I said it.  However, you CAN insert them with a regular zipper foot and not have to buy yet another doodad for the machine that gets lost conveniently when you want to use it.  I found this tutorial photoset that shows you how.  She's also got a tutorial post on Craftster, but some of the images are broken, so I used the Flickr set and it turned out fine.  This is what I used to put the zipper in my wedding dress and am more than pleased with the fact that this helped me NOT SCREW IT UP.

As for some Crochet Tutorial Love:

I hate making the long starting chain and then working back into it. If you know how to work a foundationless stitch, you can skip all that! Carina explains it very well. Also, she takes awesome pictures and makes very colorful stuff that I dig, so take a look at the rest of her blog.

You know when you make a hat or something round, and you have to make a certain amount of chain, but the stitches inside it don't totally fill it up? And then when you finish your hat you have a tiny hole in the top? You can get rid of that with the magic loop in the ring technique.

Hope these help you guys out like they've helped me.  Now back to the cleaning! Today I'm going to purge some fabric and yarn. I know, weird, right?

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Sometimes you have an idea in your head and it just has to sit there.  I've had an idea for a bracelet for a while. Nothing fancy, just a leather celtic knot.  The last big trip to the craft store, I couldn't find the right leather. The other day I finally got to the other store, and found what I wanted.

And now I have a new bracelet.

Sometimes it's just satisfying to get something finished and actually have it turn out like what you saw in your head.

What else have I been up to?  
Well, there are new posts over at Charlottesville Crafter, for one.

I'm still going on the Luna sweater, although I did have to rip back a few rows because I forgot to do the errata for the shoulder, even though I had it printed out. Oops.
I fixed up some shirts to get back into the wardrobe.
I painted the mailbox post (just boring white, sorry).
I finally put the button on my Calorimetry, not that it's even remotely cold enough to wear it.

Just trying to get some little stuff off the table, get some things cleaned out.  For some reason, I am in Pare Down mode, and not sure why.  There's plenty of room in this house for supplies, but I guess I don't want stuff just sitting around. 

Just keep creating, soon enough the spark will come back...