Tuesday, July 3, 2012

War and Craft

So last week, I saw a promo for the new show Craft Wars. I thought "huh, that might be interesting, " and since it was set to air past my bedtime (I'm a lame old lady) I made the Tivo record it and sat down to watch it the next day.

Omg you guys, so disappointing.

I should have realized that anything that came from the minds of anyone at that network was going to be complete crap. But no, I had to be optimistic.

The challenges? Those were actually ok. I can easily think of things I would have done with the supplies given.

But I really hated the rest of the show.

I hate the fact that they made them explain everything (everyone watching this show knows wtf Mod Podge is, trust me).
I hated how bitchy the judges were, for no good reason. Unless the reason was to be complete jerks, then congrats, mission accomplished.
I hated the fake drama induced over the whole thing.

I will tell you first-hand that crafting and creating is not always sunshine and rainbows. Cursing is a large part of my craft process. But the way they tried to depict everything made me yell at the TV, and I don't do that unless I'm mistakenly on Fox News.

And yes, I did object loudly when the one contestant said "hot glue is the duct tape of the craft world.". No. Duct Tape is the duct tape of the craft world. *headdesk*

Half an hour in, I was done. The only reason I even fast forwarded to the end was to see the final finished projects (that the judges were still jerks about).

This had such potential, but it was so poorly executed. I won't be watching that again.

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