Sunday, July 15, 2012

Redemption, knit style

Four years ago, I tried to knit a Calorimetry.

It did not go well, and may have actually ended with me throwing needles and yarn across the room. I can neither confirm nor deny that ending. *shrug*

So I decided it was time to try again. I had really pretty yarn, and since I tackled socks successfully, I had a better understanding of short rows.  Cast on.

Two days of TV knitting later, I have a finished object.

The yarn is Premier Magic that my mom got for me a while back, and I LOVE these colors.

The actual knitting went fine. TOO fine, actually, because the "larger holes" that are supposed to be in there in order to fit a button through? Yeah, I have no holes for buttons. So I can either go back and add a loop somewhere or find some other way to close the thing.  No biggie. Besides, I have months and months before it gets cold again (thank god), so I can worry about it later.

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