Friday, July 27, 2012

What's Up, Date?

FYI, a remarkable amount of glitter remains on my glittered house key. Polyurethane FTW!

I've picked back up on the Luna Sweater.
Yes, I'm working on a sweater in freakin JULY.
PROTIP: If you're going to put down a pattern for a couple of months, make sure that when you mark your place that you are UBER-specific about where you are, what row you are on and which direction you are going.

That's what's going on in craftland for me lately. Work is picking up on the OT, and I've given up the other blog as of now. I don't know if I'll delete it or not, but I'm not going to put anything new up there.

How's your crafting going?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Redemption, knit style

Four years ago, I tried to knit a Calorimetry.

It did not go well, and may have actually ended with me throwing needles and yarn across the room. I can neither confirm nor deny that ending. *shrug*

So I decided it was time to try again. I had really pretty yarn, and since I tackled socks successfully, I had a better understanding of short rows.  Cast on.

Two days of TV knitting later, I have a finished object.

The yarn is Premier Magic that my mom got for me a while back, and I LOVE these colors.

The actual knitting went fine. TOO fine, actually, because the "larger holes" that are supposed to be in there in order to fit a button through? Yeah, I have no holes for buttons. So I can either go back and add a loop somewhere or find some other way to close the thing.  No biggie. Besides, I have months and months before it gets cold again (thank god), so I can worry about it later.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stashbusting, hippie edition.

Friday night we got a storm called a derecho. Its kind of a tiny hurricane without the actual hurricane. We were lucky and our power came back overnight, but our cable and internet were still out.

So to keep myself occupied all Saturday afternoon, I pulled open the closet door and did a little stashbusting.

The result? A cute little skirt from some tie dyed material that long ago was a set of curtains. I needed something casual and cool (hello 100 degree days!) so this fit the bill.

Next up on the crafting list is tackling the mending pile and starting some new yarn projects before work eats my spare time again.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

War and Craft

So last week, I saw a promo for the new show Craft Wars. I thought "huh, that might be interesting, " and since it was set to air past my bedtime (I'm a lame old lady) I made the Tivo record it and sat down to watch it the next day.

Omg you guys, so disappointing.

I should have realized that anything that came from the minds of anyone at that network was going to be complete crap. But no, I had to be optimistic.

The challenges? Those were actually ok. I can easily think of things I would have done with the supplies given.

But I really hated the rest of the show.

I hate the fact that they made them explain everything (everyone watching this show knows wtf Mod Podge is, trust me).
I hated how bitchy the judges were, for no good reason. Unless the reason was to be complete jerks, then congrats, mission accomplished.
I hated the fake drama induced over the whole thing.

I will tell you first-hand that crafting and creating is not always sunshine and rainbows. Cursing is a large part of my craft process. But the way they tried to depict everything made me yell at the TV, and I don't do that unless I'm mistakenly on Fox News.

And yes, I did object loudly when the one contestant said "hot glue is the duct tape of the craft world.". No. Duct Tape is the duct tape of the craft world. *headdesk*

Half an hour in, I was done. The only reason I even fast forwarded to the end was to see the final finished projects (that the judges were still jerks about).

This had such potential, but it was so poorly executed. I won't be watching that again.