Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pinterest Craft Time

So I've got a whole board on Pinterest with Crafty Ideas to try.

The first one I decided to hit up was the glitter key:


The original blogger used regular white glue, sprinkled, let dry, did the other side and then coated with nail polish top coat.

So then I did it KMay style.

I used Tacky Glue (which is kind of dried up a little in my bottle.  oops, time for new).

I didn't sprinkle, I dunked.

I let dry overnight.
Fun tip, if you use a binder clip, you can stand it straight up!

And then, because I had most of a small can left from the cabinet project, and I know how abused my keys get, I polyurethane-d that glitter on.

Obviously, she used a little bit finer glitter than I did, and I mixed pink and iridescent instead of one color.

Hopefully I'll get a week out of it before I start finding glitter in all my pockets. (but really, is that so bad?)  I was thinking during lunch today - the glitter would REALLY stay on if the head of the key was encased in acrylic resin.  However, I don't have any, so that will have to be an experiment for a different time...