Friday, March 2, 2012

Sew What

Last night I got out of my class early and decided that while I had the spare time, I would walk down to the Arts building to see the current exhibits, as both shows were of interest to me.

The South Gallery is currently housing a show by local photographer Jen Fariello. "The Personals." I am a fan of Fariello's work. I love that she works in black and white and I think her compositions are amazing. Although the show is small, it does not disappoint.

The North Gallery currently holds the show "Sew What," featuring a few local textile artists. This brings in again the discussion of "When does craft become art?" This exhibit showcases mostly embroidery and quilting and is a small pocket of awesome.

Forgive the phone pictures. I didn't have the Lumix with me and it was a little too dark in there for the phone to do its best.

(Everything is best seen in person anyway!)

Fear of the Blank Page, by Shelby Fischer.

It's just so perfect. The embroidery of the lines, the roughness around the edges - it perfectly captures the intimidation and anguish of a new sheet of paper.

Fireflies in a Garden of Love and no Evil, by Jo Lee Tarbell
(I have the horrible suspicion that I have the name of that piece mangled. If so, I apologize).

Not only is the seaming top notch (especially on one of her other works on display, a hexagon based work), the embroidery is immaculate. I just really really liked this one. It gave me the warm fuzzies.

There were so many pieces I wanted to bring home to decorate the new house, but sadly, my budget can not accommodate my wants.

If you have a small bit of time, you should take a walk through these exhibits. The galleries at PVCC are located in the Dickinson building, in the halls surrounding the main theater. More information can be found on the PVCC Arts page.

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