Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I was listening to the latest YarnCraft podcast today, and being the first show of the new year, they were talking about yarncrafting goals and resolutions for the year.

While I made some goals for the year for my life as a whole, I didn't really make detailed plans for my craft life.

I did want to finish the knit socks, make jam and biscuits, and work on (and hopefully finish) the Luna Sweater.

But what else?

I need to get the Rachel Scarf pattern finished and published so that it can do what it's meant to do.

This year I would like to do more sewing. I'm off to a good start, having made something for the grandbaby (will post that soon) and a bag. Last year I made some pouches and my wedding dress. This year I would like to make some shirts.

I want to continue knitting, but I'm not in that big of a fury for that. I think that when I finish the second sock, I will try to make Calorimetry again. I think I understand the short row concept a little better and won't give up as easily.

I want to do more crochet. Projects yet to be determined. I think some of that should be some charity crochet work.

I want to improve my photography. I will be learning more of the manual settings on my camera, and I want to apply that knowledge to taking better project photos.

I have big ideas.
I just need to put the time and focus into making them happen.

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