Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sweating the Sweaters

I hqve made two crocheted sweaters so far. One is the Unseamly Sweater from Happy Hooker, and one is the Aqua Aloha that was a free pattern from

The problem with both of these sweaters is that neither one of them fit.

The Aloha is too big. It was the first thing I made with my wooden H hook, and my gauge was too big. I can wear it, it just looks dumpy. I have some of the yarn left, I think my best bet to salvage it for myself is to cut it down the middle of the front and steek it to make a cardigan.

The Unseamly was made for a version of myself that was smaller. The sleeves are still long enough, but the waist is not. And of course, with the Unseamly, there is shaping in the waist with a different stitch pattern. I was not a fan of this shaping, but this was a time before I knew the power of modifying patterns.

It's done from the hem up, so there's no real way to frog back and redo the waist like I could have done if it had been done from the top down. I do not believe I even have any of that yarn left, so there goes the steeking idea.

I guess my choices are either frog the whole thing or find someone tinier than me who would appreciate a handmade sweater. Sigh.

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