Monday, November 28, 2011

7 Topics that...

Are sure fire 100% going to spark heated debate upon any craft message board:

1. Copyright in general.

2. Copyright with regards to patterns and designers and modifications and your aunt Edna's left foot on every other Sunday.

3. Etsy.

4. Anything crafted which depicts a penis, boobs or naughty language (won't someone please think of the children??!?!?!!!!! who by the way are not legally allowed to have an account on most message boards OR FACEBOOK)

5. "The best" anything - technique, yarn, store, etc.

6. "They stole my idea!" Although this will initially garner you sympathy, someone will always somehow take up for the thief, which somehow always leads back to the copyright debates.

7. Selling handmade items.

8. Cats. Who would have thunk it??

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