Monday, November 28, 2011

7 Topics that...

Are sure fire 100% going to spark heated debate upon any craft message board:

1. Copyright in general.

2. Copyright with regards to patterns and designers and modifications and your aunt Edna's left foot on every other Sunday.

3. Etsy.

4. Anything crafted which depicts a penis, boobs or naughty language (won't someone please think of the children??!?!?!!!!! who by the way are not legally allowed to have an account on most message boards OR FACEBOOK)

5. "The best" anything - technique, yarn, store, etc.

6. "They stole my idea!" Although this will initially garner you sympathy, someone will always somehow take up for the thief, which somehow always leads back to the copyright debates.

7. Selling handmade items.

8. Cats. Who would have thunk it??

Monday, November 21, 2011

Accomplished, halfway

You guys! I did it! I knitted a sock!!!!

And here is a view from the sole.

Now I just need to start the other one.
It will happen, but I need to work on some other things for a bit. I'll probably get started on it after Christmas is done.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sweating the Sweaters

I hqve made two crocheted sweaters so far. One is the Unseamly Sweater from Happy Hooker, and one is the Aqua Aloha that was a free pattern from

The problem with both of these sweaters is that neither one of them fit.

The Aloha is too big. It was the first thing I made with my wooden H hook, and my gauge was too big. I can wear it, it just looks dumpy. I have some of the yarn left, I think my best bet to salvage it for myself is to cut it down the middle of the front and steek it to make a cardigan.

The Unseamly was made for a version of myself that was smaller. The sleeves are still long enough, but the waist is not. And of course, with the Unseamly, there is shaping in the waist with a different stitch pattern. I was not a fan of this shaping, but this was a time before I knew the power of modifying patterns.

It's done from the hem up, so there's no real way to frog back and redo the waist like I could have done if it had been done from the top down. I do not believe I even have any of that yarn left, so there goes the steeking idea.

I guess my choices are either frog the whole thing or find someone tinier than me who would appreciate a handmade sweater. Sigh.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Helpful, yet addicting

A few weeks ago my friend sent me a link/invite to Pinterest.

I signed up to check it out, knowing full well what kinds of rabbit holes I was going to fall down. So from the bowels of the rabbit transit system, I say, this is cool!

Or course, I started 2 crafty pin boards. One is for crafty things I think are just nice to see, and one of crafty ideas I think are super awesome an want to bookmark to try one day.

Go take a look. I've been trying to limit my pin surfing to 10 minutes or less at a time, and I've still found tons of awesome things.

KMay's Crafty Ideas and Things to Try

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cold Snap

So over the weekend we had a bit of cold weather. Charlottesville was fortunate in that we didn't get a bunch of snow and the sun was actually shining in the afternoon.

Nonetheless it was COLD!!!!!

So I took advantage of a Michael's coupon, risked my life to go to the horrible shopping center where it's located and bought some Bernat Colorama and made myself a white hat like I've been wanting.

I wanted thick and nubbly and cables. It meets the requirements but I'm not quite satisfied. It very well may get frogged and redone before the winter is over, but for now it will do. I wore it on our walk today and was glad. Brrr!