Monday, October 24, 2011

Interesting Internets for October

Once again it's time for Charlottesville Crafter!
This month, I bring back the Charging Station.

Since I'm linking, here's some other cool stuff I've found this month:

A while back I posted some things to consider when you're deciding to DIY your wedding. I was doing some surfing and found that 100 Layer Cake made a handy PDF flowchart for whether you should DIY or not.

Craftzine always finds the coolest stuff. This time it's knit & crochet jewelry that was then cast into silver

Sewing Daisies finished a blanket that's a Quilt/Afghan hybrid.

I used to make stuff just by draping and pinning and seeing what happened. I wish I had a dress form so I could still do that now. A guest post over at Gertie's is doing a tutorial along those lines.

Wild Olive has a tutorial on how to make a necklace from a vintage spool of thread. Kind of makes me wonder what kind of stuff my mom has left in her stash back home...

Craftzine also highlighted this tutorial for making t-shirts bigger. I was all set to come home and try it on my tiger t-shirt that's too small, and then realized that it got taken to Goodwill in the last bag of stuff. Sometimes I'm too organized and screw myself over. But maybe the next time I go thrifting, I won't pass up something cute just because it's a tiny bit snug and give it a shot.

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