Thursday, October 20, 2011

10 Ways to Keep Your T-shirt Alive

The t shirt is a magical thing. It can be a billboard or a treasured item.

But what do you do with them when you're done wearing them? I hate wasting things I've spent good money for, and sometimes it may be the only thing to remind me of something or some place.

You can make tons of things with old T-shirt. Recycling or upcycling, you don't have to just throw them away.

-Make pillows. Huggable or stylish. It just takes a little thread and some stuffing.

-Make a quilt. All those shirts from all those things you did? Every race you ever ran or show you were in? You can keep the memory alive and yourself warm at the same time.

-Carry a tote - sew up the bottom, cut off the top and add some straps!

-It's cut out to be a tank top - it just takes a little modification to get a cute tank out of a baggy tee.

-Or a skirt. Or tube top. Depending on the shirt, you can have a cute beach cover up with a few scissor snips.

-Everybody needs rags- obviously for the shirts you don't care so much about. Keep your bathroom clean without buying paper towels. Bonus - They're washable and reusable, but you can toss them if they're disgusting and not feel bad.

-Baby/kids clothes. This one is a little more time and thought intensive, but how cute would it be to have Junior snuggled up in a onesie made from Dad's old favorite shirt?

-Kitties and doggies like shirts, especially to sleep on. (Why do you think cats like crawling into the laundry basket so much?) Make them a pet bed!

-Make your own undies instead of paying Victoria. I've seen posts where people have done it but haven't tried it myself. But just think, no uncomfortable break-in period before they get soft and comfy!

-If it's truly a memento, frame it. Make it art for your home.

No t-shirt has to die before you finish loving it!

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