Thursday, September 22, 2011

Links I Like In September

I subscribe to a bunch of crafty blogs, and I'd just like to share a couple of the cool things I've seen lately.

~> Marisa at New Dress A Day did copycat Googly Eyed Louboutins.
Come on, how fun is a pair of shoes with googly eyes on them?? At least for Halloween...

~> A crocheted Rainbow Granny Parasol. I can't say that I'd ever do something in a rainbow palette (or anything that bright) but that was an amazing amount of work, especially to get the mechanism included. At some point I'll have to find links to the parasol patterns on Ravelry that I like, too.

~>A tutorial on Craftster for a cute Necktie Handbag! If the Mr. wore out ties on a regular basis, I'd have to try one of these...

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