Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Rachel Scarf

It's apparently gift week here at Craftykix!

My friend Rachel had a stroke a few months ago. She was traveling when it happened, and after some long stints in various facilities away, she's now in a rehab facility 20 minutes from home. She's doing very well with her rehab, and is getting stronger and better every day. I'm so proud of her!

I wanted to make her something, so I plotted. She loves Dr. Who, so I figured that I would try and make her something Whovian, but yet I still wanted to make the pattern so that it would stand on its own without the Who reference. So I made her a Tardis door scarf.

It's done with acrylic for easy care. I was a little concerned because the finishing kind of killed the stitch relief pattern, but I think the effect is still there. I got to visit her on my way home this weekend, and got to give her the scarf. She is very pleased with it, and I'm very happy that she liked it.

I am considering writing up the pattern and making it available for download for a small fee. All proceeds from the downloads would go to her and the family to help with the bills. If you would be interested in the pattern, please let me know! I would love for the love to continue well after the scarf!

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