Monday, August 15, 2011

It's come to this.

I've started knitting a pair of socks.

I know I wanted to do more with knitting than just make square flat things, so what did I choose? The most complicated not square flat thing.

It's on my list. I wanted a challenge. I guess I'm going to get it.

I'm using Silver's sock class tutorial. My yarn is Deborah Norville Serenity sock yarn in colorway Obsidian. That actually makes no sense because it's shades of green and the last I checked, obsidian was BLACK. I'm working with metal #2 DPNs. This may also be a mistake, but they're what I had. If I get hooked and they end up being a problem, I'll go buy bamboo ones.

How's it going? I've gone three rows and somehow I've managed to drop 6 stitches already. Not sure how it happened, but now I have to come up with 6 more stitches. Now that I'm not on the beginning row anymore, I think I'll be ok.

But as I tweeted last night, I'm either going to go blind or crazy.

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