Tuesday, August 9, 2011

DIY or Don't?

I know that prime wedding season is winding down, but fall weddings are winding up, and lots of newly engaged crafters are plotting their events for next year!

As a recent bride, I’ve spent lots of time looking at wedding related items this past year. Doing it yourself is getting more prevalent in the world of nuptuals, due to both the economy and the amount of readily available instructions. No longer do you have to rely on certain pricy vendors to do things for you if you have some spare time and crafty ability. It also allows for a greater ability for customization. Why rely on generic white satin when you can have something that truly represents you and your spouse to be and that you'll remember fondly for many years to come?


There are some things to consider before you go crazy on the wedcrafts.

Should you DIY? I'll be honest, it's not for everybody. Some people don't have the skills. Some people have the skills, but don't have the time.

Still debating? How about some practical guidelines?

You should DIY if:

*You have a vision that you are sure that only YOU can pull off.
And even if you're sure, make sure you have a backup plan, and some help lined up.

*You have the time to devote to the crafting that is required.
A good rule of thumb is to allot at least twice the time that you think you're going to need. Also, be realistic. If it takes you 20 minutes to glue one paper flower together, why would you think that you could do a whole centerpiece in one night, much less three? Do you even HAVE a spare evening to devote to wedding crafting? If you work full time and have a lot going on, you may not have the chances you think you will to get things finished.

*You have the money to devote to the crafting that is required.
Crafting is USUALLY the cheaper option, but not always. Hard to find or specialized components may cost extra money. Don't forget to consider quantities, too. Supplies for place cards or favors for 200 people will take more funds than place cards or favors for 50. Sometimes buying in bulk can help, but not always.

*You have the skills or motivation to do the craft you want.
Craft what you know, and branch out only if you're willing to take a risk. I sewed my dress, but I am not a paper crafter. Aside from some origami here and there, I find messing with paper kind of boring. So I did not attempt to make my own invitations. It would have only frustrated me and I would probably have not given them the proper effort. Keep the skill level needed to just above where you are now. If you've never done lacework, your wedding is probably not to time to attempt to knit a lace shawl. Don't add unnecessary frustration.

*You have the energy to do all the crafting.
If your decorationss are going to require you staying up late and running yourself ragged, they're not worth it. Your wedding is a celebration, and you can't celebrate if you're worn out from everything you've had to do!

*You can handle disappointment.
Sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes a sash doesn't lay how you want. Sometimes certain flowers are not available. If your plan will completely fall apart if one thing goes wrong, make sure that you have a backup plan!

You are no less of a crafter if you don't hand craft all of your wedding accessories!
You can find all the great ideas, but when it comes to your time, energy and money, be practical. Don't go crazy unless you have crazy resources to back it up.

So if you've read this and weighed the options and still want to craft up your wedding, have at it and good luck!

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