Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Learning from Crafting

Creating things can actually be a really good teaching experience. You may think you're just sewing but you're really learning greater skills.

Skills like what?

Is that fabric going to work? Try it and find out! Experimentation stretches the borders of what you think is possible, and helps build visualization skills you can apply to other areas of life. How would that look in white instead of purple?

*adaptation and flexibility
Okay, so maybe what you tried didn't work. Now what? Maybe you just ran out of the last of your supply of glue and have to finish today. What can you use? How can you get your project done?
Resourcefulness helps in many situations. Learning not to freak out when things don't go according to plan is a skill many can use (and that bosses LOVE).

If there's one thing I've learned, always take pictures. Why? Multiple reasons. First, you never know when you can turn something into a tutorial. Second, if you need help, you've got a photo to illustrate the problem you're having. Third, maybe it just turns out to be a cool photo for the sake of art. And write stuff down. For future reference and so you don't forget your ideas. Sometimes I get ideas when I can't pick up the yarn or scissors, and I have to jot it down so I'll be able to get back on my train of thought later.

What have you learned from crafting?

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