Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Aftermath

It's been a good two weeks since the wedding, and I think it's time for a follow up!

The full list of KMay Crafted Wedding Items includes:

>Wedding Dress
>Ribbon Veil

Surprisingly, there were not a plethora of flower shops on the Strip, offering ready made bouquets. Go figure. I ended up buying three roses from one of the shops in the hotel and binding them together with teal ribbon as my bouquet.

I made a quick pair of earrings in the same colors with crystal beads. More on those in a future post.

Well, let's see how it all turned out!

Here are the photos that I think show the outfit the best...

(Before the wedding, getting ready to leave)

(During the ceremony, view of the back)

The sash and I had some issues. It stayed on, but I think it could have behaved better. Of course, if I had remembered a few more safety pins, I probably could have MacGyvered it in the limo.

I loved the ribbon veil! It was fairly breezy out there in the desert, making for some awesome ribbon wafting moments.

So all in all I think the wedding crafting was a success, and it was just right for a desert wedding.
(Although for anyone going out there, I'd advise wearing wedges or flats instead of heels!)

Monday, June 27, 2011


Hi everybody! It's been a really busy month what with the wedding and black belt test and all!

I've got some posts planned, but haven't had time to sit down and write them yet.

Coming soon:
My Wedding DIY results (with pictures and everything!)

A plethora of Wedding DIY ideas

Crafty links I like...

For now, enjoy a redux of the ribbon veil on this month's Charlottesville Crafter