Monday, May 30, 2011

Pattern Review: Simplicity 2884

Now that I'm fully done with the dress, I can give the pattern a fair assessment.

From Craftykix Creations

It's not bad, how about that? Not having very much experience with working from a pattern, I think this was a decent way to jump back in.

Time for a quick rant: I think that all patterns, especially beginner level ones, should come with a basic pattern legend. There are a few pattern notes in the beginning, about adapting it, but I'm talking about BEGINNER notes. Things reminding you that "this triangle means a notch, make sure you cut it in the fabric" so that you don't have to go back and mark it with chalk later because you didn't.

I make a habit (and you should too) of reading the whole process through first. It works for pattern, recipes and any instructions at all. If you know what to expect, you shouldn't encounter any surprises with the steps.

I followed almost all of the pattern steps with the exception of three. I did not do the instructed "turn up" hem. I used bias tape, because I've done it before with a full skirt and I like the end results. I also used an invisible zipper, not a regular one. I used this tutorial, did a practice one first, and it turned out beautifully. I did not put in boning, either. Half because I forgot to buy it and half because I didn't really want it. It turned out fine without it.

I could only decide on one thing that could be better explained. This is the first garment that I have made that has gathering, so I was not familiar with the process. Fortunately, I'm pretty intuitive and know how to look things up, but I imagine that there are people that do not think of such things and might flounder a bit with the lack of explanation on that feature.

I think more high contrast drawings would also be helpful, but I know there's a limit to the printing they use for the instructions.

Other than that, it was very descriptive as to what side you're supposed to be stitching on and other little bits.

As long as you read your instructions and notes and pay attention to what side is what, you'll be fine. I'd give this pattern an A-, for the reasons listed above. I'm satisfied with my results.


Didi said...

Hey there Crafty Kix.

I have a huge favour to ask. are you able to scan the instruction sheets for this pattern (Simplicity 2884) and email them to me?

I have had the pattern for a while, never used it, and now when I go to make the dress, the instructions have disappeared.

I found your blog post via google.


KMay said...

I won't be able to do that, for a few reasons. First, I'm 97% sure that's against copyright law, and as a pattern designer myself, I wouldn't want someone distributing copies of my patterns without permission.

Second, even if I was ok with it, I'm not entirely sure where our scanner is anyway.

If I recall correctly, the bodice is assembled first, then the skirt, then you put the two together and add the zipper, if that helps.

Didi said...

Thanks anyway. It's frustrating as   I bought the pattern, have all the pattern pieces and they are all cut out, but have lost the instructions!!! I may go down to my fabric shop to see if they will let me take a copy of the instructions only.


Didi said...
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