Monday, April 18, 2011

Super Special Project

As you may remember, a while back I mentioned that I got engaged.

I had a lot of DIY ideas floating around in my head, but instead of having a big to do, we are actually going to have a small "just the two of us" getaway destination wedding in mid June.

As a result, my needs are a lot smaller and simpler to plan. It also changed my plan for a dress. I spent some time looking online for what I wanted, and didn't find one single dress in the style I was looking for? So what's that mean? I'm making it!

Great thing? As soon as I started looking at patterns, I found around FOUR that were mostly what I wanted, with some tweaks.

I will be using Simplicity 2884, an "It's Sew Easy" pattern. We'll see how easy it turns out to be. Once I get the dress done, I'm going to be making a sash to go around the middle in a color that I like, because I can't do only plain white. I'm way more interesting than that. :)

I'm using Polyester Shantung for the body. Why not silk or taffeta? I used some of the poly shantung for something else and liked it, and it's way cheaper. Not to mention I felt some of the silk while I was at the store and while it's pretty, it's SUPER intimidating (and $24.99 a yard, people!!!).

Yes, I am super nervous about making this dress. I don't usually use a pattern. I've made a dress with a pattern before, but that's been about 10 years or so. It came out fine, but I'm nervous about my probably forgotten pattern reading skills.

I can't decide if I want to do the seams with my regular machine or serge them. The seam allowance is 5.8" (1.5 cm), which can be done with both machines, but the nature of the serger is that it CUTS OFF most of that allowance when it sews. I think this is going to be one of those "cut out the pattern and practice on the scraps first" kind of deals with me.

The timing is right - I have 3 weeks left of school and then my free time is mine for two weeks before my summer class starts up, and that's online anyway.

It's an exciting new endeavor for me!

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Jen on the Edge said...

I'm excited for you and your plans. A small, special getaway wedding sounds so nice -- exactly what I wanted (and was later talked out of).

My wedding dress was made from a Simplicity pattern and cost $60 (this was 20 years ago). I love that you're going to add a dash of color with a sash.