Friday, December 31, 2010

T-Shirt Modification

It's no secret that I have issues with the clothing industry and have a very hard time finding shirts.

So my solution is to buy guy's shirts and then modify them to my preferences.

It's not very hard. You can do it too!

Here's my process. Let's take this one. Typical guy tee. It also makes me look like a dude too, see?

My general process is to lay the shirt flat, and then take a shirt that fits me in a way that I like) and trace around it on the new shirt. I also usually ditch the collar. Especially these collars, as they're too tight, and I hate that kind of thing.

Each shirt gets traced a little different. Also, if you're tracing, don't forget to leave a little bit for seam allowance.

This shirt got taken in a little, and a modified neckline as well.

End result?

Easy right?

Let's do it again!

This one needs taking in, of course, and the collar's coming out, but the shape is staying.

Much better! (and yes, I have now woven in my thread tails...)

Take that, women's clothing makers!!!

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