Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Flaking Out

OMG you guys. Thread crochet is tough. I do not have the proper tension control for this stuff.

But I'm doing it anyway!!!!

During TV time the past few nights, I've churned out a couple ornaments for my star themed mini tree....

Pattern HERE (by the way, the shimmer thread is pretty, but it twists up REALLY bad).

Pattern HERE.

And More snowflakes!!

This one is from the Sally George pattern collection.

This one is from Paton's.

I'm still on the snowflake kick, there's a couple more I want to make. Hopefully my knuckles don't crap out on me for tensioning.

For stiffening, I went with the diluted white glue mixture. Results were WAYYYY better than the failed starching of last winter. I even redid those and they're way better now.

Oh yeah, I probably ought to study for my exams in there somewhere too, right?

ETA: Omg! My Paton's flake was featured in the Crochet Liberation Front blog post on Threadwork! Thank you!!!

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