Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Cover for Serj

One of my "to do" items in the Great Craft Area Cleanup was to make an actual cover for my serger.

From the time that the cat started chewing on the threads until now, this has been my serger cover:

Yeah, classy. Let's take care of that, shall we?
Hi Serj!

I used some fancy fabric that I originally bought with the intention of making pillows or something. That never happened, and it was clogging up my stash, so it was a perfect choice.

Drape. Fiddle around a bit to find a good fit. Cut off excess.

I opted for a simple two seam with a bit of tucking for shaping. Pin it up (inside out, of course):

I put Serj to work making his blanket:

There wasn't a selvage edge, so I just serged over the raw edges to prevent raveling (and gnawing kitties):

All done sewing. Weave in the ends (I hate this part, both in thread and in yarn).

All done!

It's not fancy, definitely not very fitted/shaped, but it fits its purpose.

I'm satisfied! A quick fix that I should have taken care of a long time ago. One more step done in the quest to fix up my craft space.

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